Building Relationships

At IW&G it isn’t just our MBE certification that makes us a partner worth knowing. It is also our reputation for building confidence – confidence that we work hard to earn from you day after day by completing projects on time, on budget and with a level of workmanship that surpasses even the highest standards of excellence.

The goal is more than finishing a build. It is about building a long lasting relationship. Our relationships are built on a combination of masonry know-how, uncompromising craftsmanship, and rigorous project management that results in your absolute satisfaction. That means service and responsiveness that goes above and beyond the call. It means a complete understanding of your project and its parameters. And it means that, when the entire process is over, you are left with the peace of mind of having your every expectation met as well as a relationship with your “go-to-guy” mason contractor.


Commitment to Perfection

How do we strive for perfection? It starts with our people. Seasoned supervisors, managers and our crafted masons, all committed to the idea that the job is not done until it’s done right. Visit an IW&G jobsite and you will notice that our crews work harder, our sites are cleaner and that we take extra pride in the work we do. You will also notice things like our daily job-site meetings and our state-of-the-art safety measures personally overseen by our on-staff safety officer.

Al Arreguin (Owner and Operator) is a hands-on professional who understands the full range of job-site issues and the intricacies of job administration and coordination with his over 25 years of experience in the industry. He is backed by an expert team of crafted masons with the use of our inventory of top-of-the-line equipment, guaranteeing that every project enjoys our trademark craftsmanship, quality control and painstaking attention to detail.